educational psychologyThis paper was first published by the Department of Education in November 2012. It has been reviewed and updated, with the latest version published on 14th November 2017.

This paper reviews catch-up strategies and interventions which are intended for low-attaining pupils in literacy or numeracy at the end of key stage 2. This includes interventions which have been trialled with low-attaining year 7 pupils, or interventions which have been trialled and proved successful with younger or older pupils that may be applicable to low-attaining year 7 pupils. Further, this paper only includes programmes where independent analysis has provided an assessment of their effectiveness.

The review is intended to support teachers to make evidence-informed decisions about how they support low-attaining year 7 pupils in the school setting by summarising the evidence on what does and doesn’t work.

Where possible, the paper will explore the effectiveness of these interventions in terms of effect upon progress made by the pupil over and above what would be expected without such strategies, what was involved in running these interventions, the costs involved, and what else should be considered when implementing these interventions. Links to more information about the interventions herein summarised are also included in this report.

This paper also includes a summary of broader principles which have been found to help facilitate the transition of pupils from primary to secondary school.