Phonics Games Pack and Parent Information Booklet

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Pack: Phonics Games Pack contains CVC Bingo, Blends Match, 5 Synthetic Phonics Board  Games, and a parent information booklet including additional ways to play the games with your child.

Age Range: Suitable for Reception aged children (4 – 5 yrs). Plus Year 1 children (5 – 6 yrs) who are struggling with early phonics can practice, reinforce or consolidate their reading skills by playing these games, in school or at home.

Description: The Phonics Games Pack contains three phonics based board games that support Reception children, ages 4 to 5 years, who are learning to read. A parent information booklet takes parents through how the 3 board games can be used to support their child’s reading and aligns them with how schools teach phonics. The board games correspond to government guidance, with a relevant game supporting each Letters and Sounds Phase 2, 3 and 4 (usually taught during the Reception year).

Play the games to help your child learn though having fun!

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16 in stock

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CVC Bingo (Phase 2 Phonics)

Match letters and Sounds to their positions within words with this interactive group game. Work out the 3 CVC words from the pictures on the board and sound out the phonemes. Be the first to blend and match the correct letters to form CVC words and win the game. Letters and boards are colour-coded to aid positioning. Contains 6 playing boards and 54 colour-coded letter cards.

Five Synthetic Phonics Board Games (Phase 3 Phonics)

Progress from Phase 2 board games to 5 games covering Phase 3 consonants and consonant and vowel digraphs as pupils continue on their path to reading and spelling success. As well as blending, segmenting and decoding words and phonemes from Phase 3, pupils are also encouraged to read and spell 2-syllable words. Ideal for your daily phonics sessions and those who need a bit of extra excitement or competition. A great non-threatening way to assess pupils’ knowledge!

Blends Match (Phase 4 Phonics)

This enjoyable lotto game encourages the player to listen to and recognise the sounds of initial blends. The player matches the blend on each card with the same sound on the playing board. Each blend card has a picture clue in the corner to aid learning. Contains 6 playing boards and 36 matching blend cards.

Parent Information Booklet

The Games Pack includes a booklet written by Educational Psychologist Dr Sangeeta Silva. The intention of this pamphlet is to enable parents to get more out of the board games by suggesting further activities using the resources and explaining how these relate to Letters and Sounds Phases 2, 3 and 4 (which are the three phases covered during the Reception year). Even if your child’s school uses an alternative phonics scheme, these resources and activities are still applicable given the considerable overlap between schemes.

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