Ordering School Psychology Services

Annual contracts for school psychology services are ordered during the Summer term. This is so that days can start being delivered from September in the new academic year. Annual contracts are prioritised by our educational psychologists, and they allow the school to know that they will have access to an educational psychologist over the academic year. We also accept ad hoc work requests during the academic year, but these are based on psychologist availability.

To place an order email Info@psychology4learning.com with your request. Psychology4Learning will then confirm a psychologist who has availability and the price. A formal quote can be provided at this stage. We then simply ask that you email confirmation of your request. Your psychologist will then be in contact at the start of the new academic year.

Psychology4Learning Ltd are now taking orders for academic year 2019/20.

For further information, or to place an email, please email Info@psychology4learning.com. Ad hoc requests for the remainder of 2018/19 are still being taken, but note that EP availability is limited.

school psychology

Typical process when working with a school

1. Place an order

School places an order with Psychology4learning for psychology services.

Following an initial enquiry from a school, Psychology4Learning will confirm psychologist availability and the price. Once this is agreed the order is accepted the psychologist is assigned the work. The majority of our school psychology work is commissioned by schools, rather than parents. However, we also work with some parents directly, and when working with independent schools Psychology4Learning can invoice parents directly.

2. Phone planning meeting

The assigned educational psychologist will agree the work with the school

The psychologist will call our main contact at the school and arrange a phone planning meeting. The school Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is usually our main contact. The meeting will involve the SENCO providing an overview of the concerns, background information, support provided to date. If working with an individual pupil at this state we will also need the pupil’s name and date of birth.

The psychologist will agree with the SENCO the nature of their involvement, a timetable for the visit, and jointly agree a visit date. At this point the psychologist will also confirm how much school psychology time will be needed to undertake the work. For an individual pupil this ranges from 1 day, to 1.5 days to 2 days for particularly complex situations.

Following the phone planning meeting, we will send the school a consent form (pre-populated with pupil name and date of birth), which parents / guardians are required to sign. We ask that completed consent forms are returned before the visit. Note: the psychologist cannot work with a pupil unless they have seen a signed consent form.

3. School visit

The psychologist visits the school to meet staff, pupil, and parents.

The psychologist will visit the school for 2 to 3 hours. The visit will often include: observation of pupil in the school setting, joint consultation with school staff and parents, any assessments / direct work with the pupil. Following the visit, the psychologist will undertake any background research and write a final report / consultation record. The final report / record is then sent to the school and parents.

If the work is more complex, more time may be needed in school to undertake assessment work, direct work with the pupil, research, and report writing. School psychology time will be negotiated with the school SENCO before the psychologist begins.